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The biggest gift that you can give yourself, is self-love. 


Love yourself enough to make the changes only you can make in order to achieve your goals and dreams.


One of the biggest challenges that we face today is lack of time, caused by working jobs that leave us with little to no work-life balance.

It doesn't have to be this way for you and I am going to tell you why...


This is no joke and no clickbait. Just real, raw results.

During this Savvy Seller FBA MINI Course you will learn the exact strategies I used that allowed me to quit my boring 9-5 job and earn $10k a month in profits within 6 months of starting my Amazon FBA journey!

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Only available until Valentines Day - February 14th, 2022


I want people who are serious about getting started RIGHT AWAY to sign up and having this course available for only a limited period of time, will improve the chances of this happening.


The Mini course will not be available anytime soon (if ever) - so make sure you do not miss out on this chance!


✓  The exact steps you need to take in order to get started with Amazon FBA

✓  What software and tools you will need to increase your chances of success

✓  What the startup costs are

✓  How to do product research so that you can source products that will sell

✓  Tutorials on how to use Helium10 effectively for product research

✓  How to brand and package your products

✓  Calculating all Amazon fees and your potential profits

✓  How to source your suppliers and products

✓  All the important aspects of the manufacturing process

✓  Everything you need to know about getting your products shipped to Amazon

✓  How to create a savvy product listing

✓  How to get your first product ratings and reviews

plus these awesome extras

✓  Student Frequently asked questions

✓  How to remove negative feedback

✓  My personal Fiverr recommendations


You will not have access to me​

You will not have access to the Savvy Seller FBA online community

There will not be any live Q&As

You will not have access to our PPC Amazon ads training

Worried that you might want to upgrade to the full course later?
Once you enroll in the Mini Course, you'll have the option to upgrade at a later time.  No stress!

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Only available until Valentines Day - February 14th 2022

Only available for 24 hours

The Results Speak For Themselves

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Only available until Valentines Day - February 14th, 2022

what my STUDENTs say

The Savvy Seller FBA course is perfect for beginners. This course will walk you through setting up an Amazon sellers account, product research, negotiating with suppliers and launching your first product. If you decide to purchase this course, understand that although it has a ton of helpful information, as the student, it’s your responsibility to do your homework. Use this course as ONE of your research tools, it’s very important that you think outside the box. 

— JaQuanna Dye

The course just gives you the right amount of information to get you started on the Amazon journey. I can't thank you enough Abby for the opportunity that really wouldn't have been possible without your support. You are always available to answer our questions in the facebook group no matter how silly they may be. Without your support, I know I definitely wouldn't know where to start, in fact I wouldn't have started in the first place. Thank you very much.

— Jackie Ngu

“Abby’s class has been amazing and is one of the best investments I made in 2020. It’s not the teaching and lectures that Abby provides that’s great, but also the community of Savvy Sellers. My first product didn’t perform as well as I wanted, but Abby was EXTREMELY helpful and continued to encourage me. When I found my second product she was there to cheer me and push me to go for it and I’m appreciative of that!”

— Tomi Adesokan


For you to take the time out of your life to help people make another way, income, and outlook on life , speaks for itself. I am very optimistic, and ready for a challenge but this venture brought out anxiety I didn’t know I had. But your course, the instructions  and the new layout, it help calm my nerves. And being able to reach out to our coach (You), if we have further questions is something that can’t be taken for granted. 

— Trevontii Barber


Because of Abby’s program and mentorship, I’ve been able to successful launch a profitable product on Amazon and create a new stream of income. From product research to sourcing, launching and follow-up, her FBA course has given me the foundation to build a business.


I decided to take the course and I realized there's a process to be successful with this...I'm in the first week of launch and super excited...there's no way I would have gotten through this without Abby's course and her mentorship.


Through out the course we we are given useful tips and tricks that really is like a shortcut to success. Once I studied the information and applied it myself I started seeing sales come in passively. Now when I look back at all I’ve learned and the profit I have achieved, I thank myself for investing in the course.

Even More Student Love


3 Years ago, I didn't know a single thing about business or Amazon FBA..


I had absolutely NO experience in eCommerce or even running a  business for that matter.


I had NEVER sold a product in my life.

I wasn't super tech-savvy.

I didn't have tons of time to learn how to start an online business.


With Amazon FBA, I doubled my salary from my 9-5 job in under a year.


I have helped college classmates, childhood friends and even previous bosses (yes, the people that used to pay me) start their own Amazon businesses, with my proven methods.


It has worked for me, worked for them and I know that it will work for you too!


With this course, I will teach you exactly how to find, source, package and ship simple products to sell on Amazon, that WILL rake in profits!

What's stopping you from starting your Amazon business today?

Not enough time

All you need is this program and a few hours a week to get started. That means skipping an hour of IG scrolling or a show on Netflix! Come on, you can do it!

Not enough money

All businesses require some start up costs. Look at it as an investment into securing your financial future. Study the course material while you save!

Fear of failure

No one successful ever got to the top easily. Turn that fear into excitement to propel you into taking that first step so that you can reach your goals.

No experience

This course was made with beginners in mind. Every step of the process is explained, so you don't need any background knowledge to succeed.

The Savvy Seller FBA MINI Course


All the hacks and tips that have enabled me to quit my 9-5 and finally feel fulfilled. Learn the exact blueprint for how I achieved this success so you can replicate it, and also make 5 figures each and every month from home.

✔️   10+ Hours Of Video Content

$1,982 value

✔️   Product Research Case Studies

$297 value

✔️   Savvy Seller Product Verification Checklist

$97 value

✔️   Savvy Supplier Sourcing Criteria

$47 value

$2,423 total value, today for only $797!

Only available for 24 hours

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